Individual Therapy

Heather uses cognitive-behavioral, compassion-focused, and strength-based approach to work with her clients. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and trauma/PTSD.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Heather can treat any clinical issue that you might see a “regular” therapist for, as well as general self-improvement topics such as smoking cessation, building confidence, test anxiety, sports performance, fears/phobias, relaxation, self-esteem, improving sleep, etc.

Guided Imagery

Our subconscious minds are primitive structures that learn and communicate in symbols and images. The use of guided imagery while in the hypnotic state is a powerful tool for effecting change. When the hypnotic state is induced and a subconscious pathway is made, a hypnotherapist can guide a client in generating his/her own images as part of a meaningful journey. These images are representative of much larger issues in the client’s life, and they make perfect sense to the subconscious mind. When the use of all five senses is brought into the experience, hypnotic guided imagery tends to be extremely impactful and oftentimes emotional. Sometimes these imagery journeys do not make much sense immediately after coming out of the hypnotic trance, but give it a few days- you’ll find positive changes subtly making themselves known in your life and you’ll look back at your imagery journey and say, “I know where this came from!”

Past Life Regression

Is it real or not? That is for you to decide for yourself! But what is VERY real is the healing and understanding that can result from undergoing past life regression. When an individual is induced into the hypnotic trance and guided in exploring a life that they “may have lived before,” they are able to describe vivid experiences from times past. Combined with exploring what happens to the soul after death and in between lives, these experiences often lead to a sense of strengthened connection to meaning and purpose in the current life. Many people also find that past life regression enables them to understand the source of a deeply held fear/phobia, the reason for symptoms with no physical cause, the source of birthmarks, etc. It is also illuminating and meaningful for clients to discover that current loved ones have been at their side in previous times.

Chakra Enhancement

The seven chakras are energy points along the central channel of the body that are associated with the areas of survival, sexuality, self-worth, joy, self-expression, intuition, and spirituality. Having your chakras enhanced while in the hypnotic trance is especially effective at removing energetic blocks and making space for the new. Be sure to drink a lot of water following such a powerful energy cleansing!